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Commander Ed SautierCommander Ed Sautier: Ed has been involved with Post 111 for the past several years. He has been one of the many major participants in the renovations of our new Post Home and has been the Post’s “defacto” maintenance technician when something breaks. Ed is also a member of our American Legion Riders (ALRSC-111) unit. It is an honor to have Ed as our Post Commander. He is a Vietnam veteran having served in the US Army. Ed joined the American Legion in 2007. 

First Vice Commander George SwiftFirst Vice Commander George Swift: George joined our Post several years ago primarily through our Legion Riders program. Shortly after joining, he assumed the responsibilities of our Third Vice Commander. Since then he has been involved in helping with our many varied projects and has supported the Post in many ways, both visible and “behind the scenes. We look forward to his continued leadership as our 1st Vice Commander for the next two years. George is a Marine and served in the Vietnam War. George joined the American Legion in 2014.

2nd Vice Commander Don DeaneSecond Vice Commander Don Deane: Don brings a lot of quiet, behind-the-scenes participation to the office of 2nd Vice Commander. Among other things, Don has been heavily involved on our Bingo committee and the Bingo program in general. Always willing to lend a hand when needed, Don is a great asset to the Post as our 2nd Vice Commander. Don is a Vietnam veteran having served in the US Army. Don joined the American Legion in 2016.

Adjutant Dave GoodmanAdjutant Dave Goodman: Dave has been involved in our Post for the past 6 years or more. For the past 5 years, Dave has been our Adjutant. The Adjutant’s responsibility is huge. He is the Post Secretary and as such, is responsible for all things administrative for the Post. Additionally, he is responsible for all membership’s and for ensuring that State and National have the most accurate information about Horry Post 111. Dave was also the District 4 Commander in 2017 serving 7 Posts in Horry Co., SC. Dave is a Cold War veteran serving in the US Army during the Vietnam era. Dave joined the American Legion in 1985.

Legionnaire Dave BerryFinance Officer Dave Berry: Dave Berry joined the American Legion in 2009. He has been the finance officer for Post 111 for at least the last 6 years and he is also our webmaster. Dave retired from the US Navy in 1985 and is a Vietnam and Cold-War veteran. 

Athletic Officer Bill HardeeAthletic Officer Bill Hardee: Bill has been a member of American Legion Post 111 since leaving the Army after the Vietnam War. Bill’s passion has been American Legion Baseball and youth, and as such, he has been instrumental in the development and success of our Legion baseball program. Bill not only works with our community youth, but he works at the County and District level to ensure that the baseball program for all of South Carolina is run fairly, consistently, professionally, and teaches the core values of Duty, Patriotism, and Sportsmanship to our youth. Bill joined the American Legion in 1997.

Percy KelleySergeant-at-Arms Percy Kelley: Except for a short six-month period, last year, Percy has been the Sergeant-at-Arms for Post 111 for the past 2 years. He is a US Air force veteran serving during the Vietnam war. Percy joined the American Legion in 2015.

Nick CosentinoService Officer Nick Cosentino: Nick has been our Service Officer for the past 4 years. He has helped countless members and non-members alike in obtaining their Service Connected disability status from the VA. Additionally, he is responsible for assisting Veterans in the community as the need arises. Nick is one of our Korean War veterans. Nick joined the American Legion in 2013.

Bruce DoneganHistorian Bruce Donegan: Bruce came from the Pleasant Valley Post 739 in Pleasant Valley, NY. While in New York, Bruce served as Post Adjutant, Post Commander, County Commander, and District Commander. This year, he became our Post Historian and has already hit the ground running in preparing and submitting the Post’s annual report. Bruce is a Vietnam veteran and has been a member of the American Legion since 1973.

Chaplain Mike JonesChaplain Mike Jones: Mike brings a lot of experience and passion to the position of Post Chaplain. He has been intimately involved in the Conway community for the past 30+ years. We are proud to have him bring his experience to Post 111 as our Chaplain. Mike is also a Vietnam veteran. Mike joined the American Legion in 2014.

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