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A Letter from one of our 2014 attendees

Dear Members of the American Legion Post 111,

My name is Steven Luse and a couple of weeks ago I attended Palmetto Boys State.

Thanks to your Legion Post 111, 1 was able to go to Anderson University to represent our area. The first day at camp I really did not know what to think of Boys State. I was put into a group of other guys that I did not really know, and I was told to live and compete as a team with them. As the day went on, we learned each other's names and other basic information. We came up with chants and then we learned about the award All Marine City. Every person in the city was like, "That would be cool to win," but, there was no way we could possibly win this. Throughout the first day we chant battled other cities and danced and yelled like crazy people. At the end of the day we won the Best Spirit award and we were inspired. We set our eyes on the award of All Marine City. On the second day we tried twice as hard: we came up with new chants, chanted louder, won more competitions, and were crazier. Once again we won the Best Spirit award and many other awards. Over the next few days we won more awards, learned a great deal about the government, and more importantly we became brothers. We, the city of Keowee, became very close and at the final awards ceremony it was announced that we had won All Marine City. Keowee was ecstatic. All of our hard work had paid off and we accomplished our goal. We had put our differences aside and come together and become brothers to achieve our goal. Later Keowee gathered together and shared things about our lives. Since we won All Marine City, we were the first city in line at the parade and getting to the lunch with Girls State. This had its perks, of getting food first of course!

In conclusion I want to thank all of you for an experience that has changed my life. At the beginning of that week the guys of Keowee were just a group of the best boys from all over the state. By the end of the week we were brothers with a whole new understanding to the word bonding.

Again, thanks for sending me to Boys State.


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