Nathan M. Wolfe Law Cadet Academy

Academy Mission Statement

As stated on the Department of South Carolina American Legion website, the mission for the Nathan Wolfe Academy is to immerse young adults into an environment of structure and discipline to guide them through a week of instructions, lectures, and hands on training.

The reason for the lectures and training is to give the youth a more informative view of law enforcement and the training that goes on behind the scenes. The goal of the Academy is to give each young adult with a broad view of law enforcement in south Carolina, and give them an opportunity to have hands on experience.

Whether they are interested in law enforcement as a career or not, each young adult will leave with a better knowledge and appreciation of what law enforcement does. (Please see the National American Legion website for more details and qualifications for this program).

The cost for this program is $175.00 + $25.00 registration fee per participant.

You must be a Junior in high school to take part in this program. If you go to one of the high schools in the Conway SC area and might be interested, please contact our program director, Mr. Ray Friedl, via email

Click the link below to view a 2014 video from the Law Cadet Academy.

Link to video from the Law Cadet Academy

You may also view the Department of South Carolina’s website here.




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