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Flag Flies Over Post 111's New Property

Flag at new property

After nearly 40 years, The American Flag flies over our own property once again. This new property has two buildings that together will serve as our Post 111 Service and Activity Center and our Admin spaces.

Inside workPost 111The buildings on our new property are fairly old and need some renovations and some general "cleaning up". Once the renovations and clean-up are completed, our members will have access to enjoy the facility, camraderie, and fellowship with other Veterans and Members of Post 111. To make this a reality, we need member volunteers to help with the renovations and clean-up whenever you can. The pictures show some of the work that has been done to-date.

Below is a note from Roger McGuigan, our project coordinator:

    My fellow Legionnaires,
    We are calling for volunteers to help with our renovation and opening of our new Legion Post 111 new home.
    main building painting progressProgressWe are trying to have the work done on the new Legion building prior to our September meeting.  That being the case we need additional volunteers to help with the work.

    (The picture on the left shows the ceiling being repaired in the Activities building while the one on the right shows the old flooring removed and the walls painted).
    I am listing the projects needed to be addressed and would like you tio consider helping when you can.  First off all buildings are air conditioned which helps with the hot weather we been having. If you are going to purchase building supplies please coordinate through me as we don't want to duplicate efforts. Call me a t 843 685 0843.  That being said we have the following projects being completed this week;
    Roof facia work being donefacia workMain Building / Meeting Hall;

1. Window treatments in main room.
2. Replace flooring - Carpet to be installed

Future projects;
1. New floor - Carpet to be installed.
2. Finish touchup painting.
Outside main building;
1. Finish touch-up paint on outside of building. 
Administration Building Current Projects;
1. Finish painting project all rooms.
2. Install flooring all rooms.
3. Add ceiling lighting for conference room and offices. (this will be florescent lighting to be able to have meetings).
2. Get ready for occupancy. 
3. Install Network drops for computer systems.
4. Install Door Access Control System and Security Systems.
Now that most of the outside work is completed and both buildings have good AC, most everything will be done be in Air-conditioned comfort.  IF you know you could spend a couple of hours please call me (Roger), Ray, or Dave Goodman to know when  the building will be opened.  During the last several weeks the building was opened at about 8AM to 12 noon, Monday - Friday.  If you want to come other times please call and that can be arranged as well.

As previously stated, we plan to have our grand opening during our September General Membership meeting on September 12th. However, to make this a reality, we need everyone's help. You don’t need to have professional level skills (although that would be nice), just a willingness to participate and expend some time and energy helping wherever and whenever you can. The more help we have the quicker the process can proceed. The building will be open for work most Mondays through Saturdays. If no one is there when you arrive, call one of the lead person's below and see what you can do.

The following individuals have the lead on our renovation efforts. Please call one of them to volunteer and make sure we are at the building:


Project Leaders
Ray Friedl 843.907.2673
Roger McGuigan 843.685.0843
Dave Goodman 843.333.3963
Jack McKinnon 770.365.9576


We cannot complete this effort without the help of many members of the Post and community.  Help us make our Post 111 Service and Activity Center a reality!


Our new location is what was previously known as the old Pully Bones property located at 3003 Hwy 701 N, Conway, SC 29526.


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Last Updated: Thu, August 18, 2016

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